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Merrickville-Wolford is home to many Species-at-Risk in need of our protection?

Be a Merrickville-Wolford Eco Champion!

Learn about 17 of the animals, insects and plants at risk in our own backyard and consider what we can do to protect them before it’s too late.

Find out how you can become an ECO Champion

New this Year!


We’ve added the Western Chorus Frog to our list of local species-at-risk. 


We’ll be looking for “build and planting projects.”

Contestants can submit reports on individual or group projects that involve the preservation or protection of their favourite species-at-risk. For example: videos or pictures of them planting butternut trees, creating a butterfly garden, or building a turtle box can be submitted as their presentation to be judged.

Anyone under 18 can enter. See Contest Rules

Be creative! Essays, poems, songs, artwork, photos, videos, and now build or planting projects (see above) are all welcome.  

The key is to do research and present projects that show how we can protect our Merrickville-Wolford species-at-risk.

Prizes will be awarded to entries that best demonstrate the youth’s understanding of a local species-at-risk and their ideas of what we can do to protect them. See Evaluation Criteria

An awards event will take place in June 2023.

Submissions will be showcased at our awards ceremony.

See our 2022 Awards Photos!


Entry Form

Submit contest entries to Merrickville Public Library by May 26, 2023

We appreciate the support of our partners


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